How to become a™ianer ?

The idea of an individual has given birth to a young, dynamic and success-oriented start-up company. Together we will revolutionize the communication of this world and cordially invite you to help shape it!
We love the simple and clear communication. That's why we say frankly: Register and you will experience "your purple miracle"! You as "user" are the center of all our activities! We are proud of each individual user and show it to one and the other, by giving him a surprise "JUST LIKE THAT"!
And to become part of the TM community, you need someone to recommend you and thus give you the opportunity to register. You need: a "RefCode" from a™ianer! And to achieve THAT, have a look at the following points:

You can register via web or the app itself.

In order to register, you need a RefCode.
Now, where do you get a RefCode?
Well, this question is easy to answer. Every™ user has three options to invite you. You can also use them after registration. Take a look at the three variants below.

a.) Invitation link.

The easiest way to recommend
You receive an invitation by email and simply click on the link. Then follow the step-by-step instructions for registration. (If you have received this email, you can move on to point 2.)

b.) QR-Code.

Perfect for printed matter and social media
You can download the app from the app store and use the built-in QR scanner to scan the access code from a™ianer. The same applies to QR codes on printed matter, flyers, cars or shops: simply scan and load the app. If you have already scanned a QR code, you can move on to point 2.

c.) RefCode of a referrer..

A way to enter directly
You received a RefCode directly from a™ianer? Then you can go on, click the "register" button and type the RefCode. (Then move on to point 2.)

2. Fill out the registration details step by step.

After you have reached one of the 3 above- mentioned access routes, please fill out the fields one by one and send.
IMPORTANT: You will now receive an email with a verification code and a link. Click on the link and fill in your e-mail address on the™ page and confirm the inserted data. This ensures that you are YOU!

Your account is now unlocked and you can just log in and get started!

The easiest and most respectful way of communication

With everything we do, the focus is always on the respect
A clear and targeted communication. Assigning reading / writing / admin rights and not simply revealing all data such as making the phone number visible to everyone is an important part of the TM app. Managing a volume of users in one channel from one to millions of users is important for our TM app. The questions associated with each action, whether the user wants to join a channel or a friend request must be confirmed, are important factors of a respectful interaction with third parties.
How does ChannelMessaging work?

Then log in and invite new users.

Now fill the community and invite all friends.
Show everyone how cool™ is and communicate with all clearly and in a targetted manner.
Great to have you as a™ianer! Welcome!